Together with Theresia Singer I recorded and edited several audio book productions for the Cologne based publishing company “headroom”. One of the projects was the audio book “Herzensbruder, Bruderherz”. You will find a link to an audio snippet on the website of the company:


One of my actual projects is an album production with the band Rêver from Enschede (Netherlands). “Chapter 1” is now available on Spotify. 

You will find all actual music and tour dates on our website:

“Les Papillons” is the first release of the band Rêver. I produced and recorded this and the upcoming songs together with the artist Claudia Rehwinkel. Every sound and instrument has its own story. Because of the artistic approach this production has its unique character which is the result of a process lasting for months. Stay in tune for additional upcoming songs of the first chapter. 

The Alina Lorfeo Collective released their self-titled first album. It was an honor to produce these talented musicians. We recorded at Keusgen Tonstudio Haldern. My dear friend and producer Daan Scholten mastered the album.

Alina Lorfeo’s album is now also available on Spotify. I recorded, mixed and produced the album at Keusgen Tonstudio Haldern. 

Yum Yum Youth released their second EP “Patat” which I produced during summer 2018 at ArtEZ Conservatory Enschede. Fritz Fey (Studio Magazin) mastered the EP at Double-D Mastering Oberhausen. You can hear all songs on bandcamp. There is also a very cool old-school video on youtube. Enjoy!

The “Woodstock Session” is now available on Youtube. It contains four live videos of my band February Moon which we recorded at the Woodstock Recording Studio in Enschede. I wrote the songs “The One” and “Goodnight”, played guitar and mixed all songs. The beautiful videos are made by Marc van Weeren.

Yum Yum Youth is a german-language indie rock band from Wuppertal (DE). I recorded, mixed and produced the two songs “Saigon” and “Elefantenfriedhof” which are recently released on band camp and youtube.

I recorded and mixed the vocals for this EDM track with singer Alina Fedorenko from Riga, Latvia. Enjoy! 🙂

The Zwolle (NL) based band Defiance released their debut EP “A New Beginning”. This is the fourth and final song “Victory”. I recorded, mixed and mastered the EP together with Arnold Hoorn from the Netherlands.

The song “What If” by Doraly Vermeulen and her band is the result of a two days recording session at ArtEZ Conservatory, Enschede. We wanted a natural and warm sound, so we decided to use an original Hammond organ and a Fender Rhodes electric piano. The video was made by Remy Bonke and Peter Kalfsbeek.

The Single “Like The Waves” is now available on Youtube.

February 10, 2017 me and my band February Moon released our first EP called “All We Ever Do”. I’am really proud of the final versions and hope that you like it too! I produced, recorded, mixed and played guitar and synthesizers on this EP. We mastered the EP at Abbey Roads Studio, London with the great Geoff Pesche who worked with such amazing artists as Daughter, Radiohead, Dire Straits and many many more. Enjoy!

Our EP “All We Ever Do” is also available on Spotify!

This is a sounddesign project I produced together with Pim de Jonge. It was great fun to record all these strange noises and mix them together. Some of the sounds you hear are cheap toys, vacuum cleaner and kitchen equipment. 🙂

One of the Chapel Sessions videos with I recorded with my band February Moon in Nijmegen, Netherlands. We loved the ambience of this location and planned the recordings. Beach there is no sound equipment at all we had to build our own little recording studio in there. For me it was a great recording and performing experience and I hope you will find it back in this video!

On this live-recordings I played guitar for the band Foliot. The songs are produced by Tobias Bücken.

This is the first single “The Weight” which we released with our band February Moon back in 2015. I played guitar and also produced the song. It was the first big production I made while studying MediaMusic at ArtEZ, Enschede.