11.01.2019 Rehearsals with Rêver

Tomorrow we will be play the first show with Rêver. I’m not just the producer but also currently the guitarist of the band. It’s a fun to play these beautiful songs and add some of my sound textures. We will perform with a string quartett and additional musicians like Niko Dolle (Now Wow, Yenga) on doublebass.

We will perform as support for Arkae which is the project of the talented producer and artist Richard Klink. It would be a pleasure to see you there!

29.11.2018 Les Papillons released

The first part of Chapter 1 is released. “Les Papillon” is available at Youtube and Spotify. The beautiful composition is basically a piano piece written by Claudia Rehwinkel. Koen Kramer added a strig quartett arrangement and I recorded and produced the song. It took a time to find the right piano settings so we recorded at four different locations using different types of pianos. Finally we chose for a Yamaha Grand Piano which had less of a classic attitude but which reminded us more of music my Yann Tiersen and Olafur Arnalds. Enjoy “Les Papillons”!