February 10, 2017 me and my band February Moon released our first EP called „All We Ever Do“. I’am really proud of the final versions and hope that you like it too! I produced, recorded, mixed and played guitar and synthesizers on this EP. We mastered the EP at Abbey Roads Studio, London with the great Geoff Pesche who worked with such amazing artists as Daughter, Radiohead, Dire Straits and many many more. Enjoy!

Our EP „All We Ever Do“ is also available on Spotify!

On this live-recordings I played guitar for the band Foliot. The songs are produced by Tobias Bücken.

This is the first single „The Weight“ which we released with our band February Moon back in 2015. I played guitar and also produced the song. It was the first big production I made while studying MediaMusic at ArtEZ, Enschede.