27.11.2018 Nye flute recordings for arthouse film Kato

Last week I recorded some beautiful Nye flute music with Jan-Pieter van der Giessen at ArtEZ Conservatory Enschede for the Arthouse film “Kato” by Julius Wiege. It was a pleasure to record this typical sounding instrument with a docent who’s been focussing on persian music for many years. We not just recorded the flute but also talked a lot about the different types of the Nye flute and the special characteristics of this instrument. Because of the way you play it and it’s build it delivers a beautiful, warm en wodden sound. You will hear extracts of this recording session in the arthouse film Kato which will be finished in the beginning of 2019.

21.11.2018 mastering Session for Rêver with Fritz Fey

Today I mastered the songs of the upcoming Chapter 1 by Rêver together with Fritz Fey at his Double-D Mastering studio at Oberhausen. After a first version Fritz called me up and I told him about Claudia’s and my feedback. At the same day we found time for a additional mastering session so I directly went to Oberhausen and we worked a few hours togehter will we’ve got the final versions of these songs.

Especially working with Fritz was a great pleasure. He is a very experienced engineer and is publishing the “Studio Magazin” since the end of the 70s. Fritz knows nearly every music producer in Germany and is a real music enthusiast. We not just workes on this release together. Fritz already mastered the Yum Yum Youth EP “Patat” which was released in october.

08.11.2018 Album Release Alina Lorfeo Collective

Today is the day! We will finally release the debut album of the Alina Lorfeo Collective. The album will be available via the artist, so check her live dates to get a chance to see these talented musicians and to buy her debut. We started in february to record first instrumental parts of the album. We later added the vocals and additional instruments. To deal with the room sound and the several recordings which we’ve made during the last half year was quite a challenge. But witch many feedback by other producers and friends we finally found a sound which fits “like a glove” and now we are happy to finally release this piece of art.

Today there will be a CD release at Kultur im Kontor at Wuppertal. If would be a pleasure to see you there!

16.10.2018 Alina Lorfeo Collective live at Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern

Today we will organize a very special concert. The Alina Lorfeo Collectice will perform live at Keusgen Tonstudio at Haldern in front of a public while directly recording the session. Every attendee will get his own headphone to have an intimate experience listening to the beautiful music of Alina Lorfeo and her Collective. The recording will later be available for all attendees. For me it’s quite a challenge to focus on the recordings while set up the headphone mixes and check all outputs. But everyone will have the opportunity to get a close and unique look to the artist and to the work “behind the knobs”.

“The One” now available on YouTube

Life is a long and winding road and with every decision you make you turn another way. With every parting of the ways you leave something or someone behind. When it comes to long-period relationships you may ask yourself what would have happened if you had chosen the other way. Some roads may cross while others will be forever separated. Knowing that your long-time partner has found a new love faces you with thoughts like these. You could have been the one…

Livesession @ Woodstock Studio, Enschede with February Moon

Together with studio-engineer Daan Scholten my band February Moon had an amazing time recording a live session at Woodstock Studio, Enschede. The videos will be released in the beginning of 2018. We recorded four new tracks with are written by singer Hanne van Renesse and me using vintage music equipment like a ’59 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp or an old Studer mixing console.

Photo by Tjeerd Derkink

“Cheaters” – Production with artist Stella Scholaja

In november 2017 Stella Scholaja and me produced the song “Cheaters” for her upcoming album “Reservation in Heaven” at Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern. The album will be released in begin 2018. The 18 year old artist Stella Scholaja suffers from muscle dystrophy and collects money for further treatment. For informations visit her website

Thank you!

01.09.2017 internship Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern (Germany)

Today I startet my internship at Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern (Germany). I’am excited to learn new recording and mixing techniques. Till the end of november the studio owner and recording engineer Klaus-Dieter Keusgen and me will work together on several productions with national and international acts. Haldern is also known for it’s Haldern Pop festival which takes place every year in August. The studio is also part of the festival and collaborated with several artists from Haldern Pop over the years.