Livesession @ Woodstock Studio, Enschede with February Moon

Together with studio-engineer Daan Scholten my band February Moon had an amazing time recording a live session at Woodstock Studio, Enschede. The videos will be released in the beginning of 2018. We recorded four new tracks with are written by singer Hanne van Renesse and me using vintage music equipment like a ’59 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp or an old Studer mixing console.

Photo by Tjeerd Derkink

31.03.2019 Headroom Verlag, Cologne

The last six weeks I worked for the publishing company “headroom” in Cologne. I really had a nice time doing recordings and editing for several productions. The audio book “Herzensbruder” is already released. Together with Theresia Singer I did the recordings and editing of this production. Other productions I worked on will be released soon!

19.01.2019 Recordings with Fairytale For Fred at Haldern

Today we recorded two songs for the upcoming EP by the cologne based band Fairytale For Fred at Keusgen Tonstudio Haldern. The band around the excellent singer Mabel Winkler (also known from studio and voice over work for several artists) writes own compositions influenced by bands like Bink182 and Foo Fighters. I will mix and master the upcoming songs which will be released in the beginning of 2019.

16.01.2019 Recordings at Torpedo Theater Amsterdam with Fee

Together with Fee (vocals, guitar), Lena (backing vocals, piano) and Marelise (cello) we recorded a beautiful song by Fee at the smallest theater I’ve ever been to, Torpedo Theater in centrum Amsterdam. It was a challenge to choose the right sort of mic’s and mic setup for this location. Finally we worked with a Brauner VMA as main mic in the middle of all three musicians focussing on Fee to catch up her vocal and guitar performance. I also chose to use additional mic’s on all instruments to have more possibilities while mixing the tracks. The live performance will finally appear on Youtube.

11.01.2019 Rehearsals with Rêver

Tomorrow we will be play the first show with Rêver. I’m not just the producer but also currently the guitarist of the band. It’s a fun to play these beautiful songs and add some of my sound textures. We will perform with a string quartett and additional musicians like Niko Dolle (Now Wow, Yenga) on doublebass.

We will perform as support for Arkae which is the project of the talented producer and artist Richard Klink. It would be a pleasure to see you there!

31.12.2018 “Kato” will soon be finished

The arthouse film “Kato” will soon be finished and released at several arthouse film festivals. The film maker Julius Wiege and me are cuurently working on last edits for the soundtrack before the project will be finished. I’m proud to be part of this project en really appreciate the work with Julius and all musicians we fixed for the soundtrack. We recorded a beautiful Nye flute together with Jan-Pieter van Giessen at ArtEZ Conservatory, Enschede and jazz ensemble tracks at Keusgen Tonstudio, Haldern. I also recorded further atmospheres a with a field recorder at Enschede.

19.12.2018 Rêver Chapter 1 online available!

Chapter 1 by the band Rêver is released and also available on Spotify! I’m really proud of this production which I produced togehter with the artist Claudia Rehwinkel during the last half year. We recorded at Enschede but also single instruments at Claudia’s home and a nice old Wurlitzer Epiano at Keusgen Tonstudio at Haldern.

Chapter 1 is the first part of the whole album which will be released during the next months. There will be also live dates, so stay in tune for updates. Take a few minutes, relax and enjoy Chapter 1 by Rêver.

29.11.2018 Les Papillons released

The first part of Chapter 1 is released. “Les Papillon” is available at Youtube and Spotify. The beautiful composition is basically a piano piece written by Claudia Rehwinkel. Koen Kramer added a strig quartett arrangement and I recorded and produced the song. It took a time to find the right piano settings so we recorded at four different locations using different types of pianos. Finally we chose for a Yamaha Grand Piano which had less of a classic attitude but which reminded us more of music my Yann Tiersen and Olafur Arnalds. Enjoy “Les Papillons”!