19.06.2017, February Moon live @ Luxor Live, Arnhem

Friday, 30.06.2017 the label Kroese Records organizes an evening with label bands at Luxor Live, Arnhem. I have the honor to play with my band February Moon at this beautiful location. You’ll find further informations here:


16.06.2017, Shi and Project Connection

Project connection is a cooperation between the band Shï (ArtEZ Popacademie & MediaMusic) and visual artist Anna Leusing (AKI Crossmedia Design).
The highlight was an evening of intriguing visuals driven by sensual beats, when Anna’s vision and Shï’s sound finally merge into one during their final exam at the N8Kelder on June 8. I recorded and mixed the band this evening. This video captures this unique event.

01.06.2017, recording and mixing with Doraly Vermeulen finished

I recently finished the mixing of the song „What If“ by Doraly Vermeulen and her band. The song will be released with a music video they produced together with Remy Bonke, Leroy Helledoorn, Tim de Wilde, Maurits Gerrits, Peter Kalfsbeek and Isabelle Wolff.